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Alan Mackinder,
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With an excess of 12,000 competative endurance kilometers, some of the highlights are-

  • Tom Quilty win and Best Conditioned (National Championships 160km)
  • Shahzada 400km, win and Best Conditioned
  • Melbourne to Sydney Marathon 800km, and Best Conditioned
  • First rider to achieve a Shahzada 4,000km buckle
  • Has completed twelve 160km rides on 5 different horses, and eleven 400km rides using 6 different horses
  • holds 6 Tom Quilty buckles, including two times Best Conditioned awards

Alan Mackinder,

Alan did a saddle making apprenticeship with John Charlton Saddlers, under English tradesmen. On completion of his indentureship, which covered bridlemaking, saddlemaking, and repair work, he was awarded his Craftsmanship Certificate.

Alan was approached to re-build first World War saddles when the Lancers at Parramatta re-formed a mounted detachment in the late 70's.

Re-building Military saddles and manufacturing Dressage, show, polo, and jumping saddles is how he supported his passion of Endurance riding for the next ten years.

He was then asked to manage a saddlery retail store in Richmond, N.S.W. (Australia). The store, Horseland Richmond, was for the next twelve years, one of the largest in the Horseland group.
Just after the Olympics in 2000, he decided to specialise in developing purpose designed and built Endurance Saddlery.

Mackinder Endurance
248 Cedar Ridge Road
Kurrajong, NSW 2758
Phone: (02) 4576 1362